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Financial Statements & Accounts

Financial Statement 2015-16 

Financial Statement 2016-17

Acquisition Programme - Transparency Reports

Transparency Report 2017-18 - Quarter 1

Transparency Report 2017-18 - Quarter 2

Transparency Report 2017-18 - Quarter 3

Annual Reports

You can read our Annual Reports here:

Our Performance 2016-17

Complaints Summary 2016-17

Local Standards

Our local standards set out the level of performance that you can expect from us as a customer.  We will publish our performance against these standards each year. 

Local Service Standards

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Each quarter we will publish the results of our Key Performance Indicators which show our performance against the targets that have been set at the beginning of each year.  These performance reports are reviewed by our Board at each Board meeting

Key Performance Indicators for January to March 2017

Key Performance Indicators for April to June 2017